• Large-size graphite electrode

    Large size Graphite Electrode is suitable for:
    industrial silicon,
    yellow phosphorus,
    ferroalloy -arc furnace smelting, etcLarge-size graphite electrode
  • UHP Graphite Electrode

    Ultra high power graphite electrode (UHP) is a high-end product of artificial graphite. It is made of high quality oil needle coke as basic material, high temperature for modified asphalt as binder, via medium crushing, kneading, molding, baking, two times impregnations, three times baking, graphitization and machining. With specs as low electrical resistivity, thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) and ultra high bending resistance and high temperature resistance. Now mainly used in steel smelting in the large capacity EAF furnace, LF refining furnaceUHP graphite electrode
  • HP Graphite Electrode

    High power graphite electrode (HP) is made of traditional high quality petroleum coke and coal needle coke, medium temperature modified asphalt as binder, via medium crushing, kneading, molding, baking, impregnation, graphitization and machining. Mainly used in electric furnace for steel, yellow phosphorus, industrial silicon, corundum, metallurgy and other fields.
    HP graphite electrode
  • RP Graphite Electrode

    Regular power graphite electrodes (RP) is made of the traditional low sulfur petroleum coke , medium temperature coal pitch as binder, via calcination, medium crushing, kneading, molding, baking and graphitization and machining. Suitable for small and medium-sized iron and steel smelting and ore heat furnace smelting, yellow phosphorus, industrial silicon, fused alumina, iron alloy, etcRP graphite electrode
  • Nipple

    Graphite electrode is one of the most important accessories and consumable material in metal and scrap metal smelting industry, widely used in electric arc furnace smelting, its role is to put the current import in furnace, converting electrical energy into heat energy by electric are between the furnace charge and electrode.graphite electrode connector